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Blind Casts in 2024

Alyssa Lloyd fly fishing

For anyone in Central Ontario right now, you'll understand the dilemma. Too much ice to fish open water, not enough ice to fish hard water. So here we are, in the awkward land before fishing time, with nowhere to swing a bait.

I'll be heading west shortly for a coyote hunt and with any luck, epic northern lights. For now however, I'll continue to wake up in the middle of the night to my arm hook-setting against the wall.

What you can expect from Blind Casts this year:

Number one, is turning this website and the social media channels into an all around outdoors platform. If it happens outdoors, I want to cover it. With any luck you'll be seeing an increased presence in the article section here on this site, and I'll be sharing my published work through all my contracts via Facebook and Instagram.

Secondly, is to meet more of you, on or off the water. It's been an absolute pleasure meeting everyone I have so far because of the outdoors and some amazing things happened in 2023 just by meeting new people. First up on the agenda to make that happen is planning some outings, workshops and simply days on the water or in the woods.

Leave a comment or send me an email here to tell me about events happening in your area, if I can't make them, I can help spread the word.

Thirdly, hearing what you guys want to see! Canada has an AMAZING fishery and wild game opportunities, tell me your favourite species and watch me struggle to catch, or catch up to them. I already have my bucket list species for fishing and hunting acquired, which may just be an article coming up.

Before I close out, I'd like to share my gratitude of The Northern Ontario Travel website. As a regular client of mine I'd like to give them some recognition for being such a dream to work with, and thanks for continuing so after almost ten years.

Although I'm not limited to Ontario, this online magazine is a great source for all things outdoors in this province. It's been a lot of fun writing and photographing for them since 2016, and I'm looking forward to 2024. You can check out my articles here.:

If you guys have any ideas on how to meet more of you, or just how I can meet your standards, don't hesitate to comment below or shoot me an email. I am ecstatic for Blind Casts to start developing into an overall outdoors online portfolio and educational platform.


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