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Blind Casts in 2017

Alyssa Lloyd fly fishing

Hey all,

Trying to do my best to stay on top of the blog posts for you guys. Would love it if there was something new here every time you check in.

For anyone in Central Ontario right now, you'll understand the dilemma. Too much ice to fish open water, not enough ice to fish hard water. So here we are, in the awkward land before fishing time, with nowhere to swing a bait.

I'll be heading south soon to catch some ice-out pike action mixed in with some fun crappie sessions on the fly. For now however, I'll continue to wake up in the middle of the night to my arm being slammed off my wall from sleep-casting.

Some things on Blind Casts agenda this year:

Number one goal is to meet more of you, on or off the water. It's been an absolute pleasure meeting everyone I have so far because of Blind Casts. First up on the agenda to make that happen is planning some gatherings, outings, meet-ups, or simply days on the water with individuals here and there.

I also want to hear more about you guys, tell me about events you're running or planning on attending. For example, I plan on attending the International Fly Fishing Film Festival in Belleville, Ontario on March 31, will you be there?

Leave a comment or send me an email here to tell me about events happening in your area, if I can't make them, I can help spread the word.

Second up, is hearing what you guys want to see. Ontario has an AMAZING fishery, tell me your favourite species and watch me struggle to catch them. Why not right? For those outside of Ontario, still tell me, I'll do my best to make it to your hood.

Earlier this year, I started a new full time position at what I can only describe as my dream job. Despite that, I still fully plan on committing the time I can throughout the season to Blind Casts.

Some of you may know this already, but on top of Blind Casts I also contribute to the Northern Ontario Travel website.

The Portal is a great source for all things outdoors in Ontario. It's been a lot of fun writing and photographing for them this past year, and I'm looking forward to 2017. You can check out my articles here.:

PS: My good friend, and fellow angler I've learnt a lot from this past year, Ashley Rae also contributes to the Northern Portal, check out her articles here:

If you guys have any ideas on how to meet more of you, or just how to meet your standards, don't hesitate to comment below or shoot me an email. I am pretty stoked for Blind Casts in 2017 and I hope you are too!


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