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                   BLIND CASTS   def.   "To cast towards no particular target". 
      The way I see it, there may not be a target, but it's the same goal you've casted with before; to catch fish.
Some of you may know me as Alyssa Lloyd Photography, so you'll also know I am an angling fanatic. After encouraging words from friends and mentors, I've decided to share my journey through an interactive web series, Blind Casts.
This isn't a story of self discovery, rather more of a follow up. I already know I am meant to fish, capture images and spend as much time in the great outdoors as mother natures dirty love child as possible. What I don't know is how much of it am I capable of.
Last year, I had the bright idea to try fly fishing as a means to catch my beloved pike and ever elusive muskie. While I'll be focusing on every species possible, it will be quite obvious that esox, are my life line on the water.
I am not a professional fly angler, in fact I could still use some solid casting lessons. All of my catches on the fly so far I've credited to good luck. You will see ugly casts, likely hear poor language, and witness enough heartache to feel the beating these fish give me. BUT-
How else can I share my victories with you unless I also share the downright nasty defeats?
Blind Casts was created to bring the audience something they can relate to, whether it be the road trips, poor food choices, or just the love of fish. 
More content will be coming soon, but for now I'll leave you with some life lessons of my own. 
Eat on the run, use more bear bell, and always strip responsibly.
Background Image: Sam Thompson Photography - during Washington's record breaking wild fire season of 2015 
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