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                   BLIND CASTS   def.   "To cast towards no particular target". 
        There may not be a target, but it's the same goal you've casted with before; to catch fish.

Blind Casts started as a fun project in 2015 capturing moments on the water that fellow anglers, both experienced and non, could relate to. As we enter 2024, I'm now well into ten years of my fly fishing journey and several irreplaceable moments in between have brought us here. 

My freelance photography and written work has taken me all over the North and West, someday hopefully all over the globe. Clients past and current include The Globe and Mail, Ontario OUT of DOORS, Fly Fusion, The Northern Ontario Official Online Magazine, The World Fishing Network, Algoma Country, Ontario's Sunset Country, Walmart Canada, The Rally of the Tall Pines, Paddling Magazine, Extreme Iceland and more. 

Blind Casts Media's name may not reflect the open book of outdoors activities I cover and participate on my own but I will be striving to brand Blind Casts clearly as an outdoors-driven media venture. 

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