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Interested in Contributing?

Alright, so as 2017 moves forward, I've been looking for ways to not only include our audience more, but to meet more of you out there.

Then it struck me. I need co-hosts, but I also need help with blog posts and fishing content.

If you'd be interested in contributing, anything from written to videos, and of course co-hosting (always looking for more folks to meet) send me a line here:

Hope to see more of you on the water this year! Thanks for all of your continued support!


Disclaimer: You should know, Blind Casts isn't funded, and everything, including this website comes out of my own pocket. So unfortunately, you won't be compensated a damn thing. Aside from a hypothetical hat, and of course a chance to be on the series, which you'd be given anyhow.

Now if you're still interested, this is when you email me, and we get the ball rolling.

#blindcasts #outdoors #fishingblog #fishingvlog #fishingcontributors #contributor #writers #videographers #photographer #flyfishing

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