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I Should be Packing

The last night spent at home before a trip is always bitter sweet, this time it is exceptionally so.

On one hand, I'm leaving to chase aggressively angry tiger muskies in Washington state, on the other, I will be missing my home waters muskie opener here in Central Ontario.

I haven't missed a muskie opener in over 4 years, but I'll try to be easy on myself. After all, I have a bone to pick with a very large Washington tiger that broke me off last year.

Footage still by Sam Thompson Photography

As torn as I may be, I cannot wait to be back in Washington with my "brotha from anotha motha" and his fantastic wife, Lacey.

The last time I was in Washington, I arrived rather haggard after a week spent chasing steelhead in Northern BC with an incredible group of women. Sam and Lacey were kind enough to bring me back to the land of the living with their hospitality.

April and Kristina celebrate a nice fighting fish during our Flygal Chase It week - Alyssa Lloyd Photo

Much like my last visit, I will be arriving just in time for Sam and I to hit the road to meet up with Muskie Dave on the other side of the state. Last Sept, I learnt a lot from Dave, from leader set ups to his characteristically surprising way of how he likes his coffee.

Muskie Dave decides where we should start our day on the water, Sept 2015- Alyssa Lloyd Photo

This time around, I plan on learning a lot more. I may be a touch over zealous when it comes to muskie, but I come by it honestly, and hopefully that means my brain is a sponge that will absorb all the knowledge Dave has to offer.

(Hope you're ready for me shadowing your every move Dave!)

While in Washington, I hope to keep delivering updates on progress as best I can with the limited service and a data plan.

For those of you hunting muskies tomorrow, let my wishful thinking be the fuel you need to catch some monsters! Stay safe out there ladies and gents, and tight lines!



To see what I'm getting myself into with Dave, check out his website here:

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