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In this episode I introduce fellow angler Chad Wilson to the wonders, and woes of fly fishing. We gave it our all, but was it enough to get him his first fish on the fly? One smallmouth should be easy right?



Big shout out to the guys at Dryft Fishing for always showing me a good time while in Washington. We have plenty of bass here in Ontario, but man, was it ever cool to target them surrounded by small mountains. 

Footage by Sam Thompson of Dryft and Sam Thompson Photography and Nick Satushek of Dryft 

Title design by Sam Thompson Photography 
Music by the talented Sam Bibo as always!

To check out Dryft Fishing ( and get your own "Eye of the Tiger" hat) follow this link

Eagle Lake was one hell of a trip! 


Footage by Sam Thompson and Alyssa Lloyd 

Music by Sam Bibo 

Special thanks to Temple Bay Lodge and Matt Ciccone for hosting us during this awesome venture! 



Muskie flies are no joke when they are airborne, I'm certain Sam has too much faith in me.

Brave men I tell ya.

Thanks to Sam Thompson Photography for the assist and the footage.

Getting the shot

It's a tough job working with me as a subject as I'm not always so aware of my surroundings, but Sam Thompson does a great job watching my back to get the shot.

Sam Thompson checks his rod, but the pike didn't have enough patience to wait.

Guide Matt Ciccone doing his best to make Alyssa's fishing experience as comfortable as possible.

Learning how to double haul after 24 hours on the road, not Alyssa's best idea, but not surprising.

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Background - Sam Thompsong Photo

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