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Sam Thompson 
Sam Thompson of Dryft Waders holds pike

Sam Thompson is a gifted photographer, videographer, entrepreneur 

and over all decent human being. 


Sam is ultimately the reason Blind Casts was ever possible in the first place. 


His continued support and the priceless amount of time he has spent shooting, editing, or designing for Blind Casts is irreplaceable, yet he continues to help unremittingly.


Apart from his own freelance photography business, Sam is also an owner and designer for Dryft Waders, based out of Bellingham, WA. 


Sam can be reached at and

Matt Ciccone 
Matt Ciccone on Eagle Lake guiding in Ontario

Matt Ciccone is the first guide you'll meet on Blind Casts, but it certainly won't be the last time you see him. 


Matt guided Sam Thompson and I on Eagle Lake during our stay at Temple Bay Lodge. Matt's knowledge of the fish and over all easy going attitude made pursuing them that much more enjoyable. 


Eagle Lake is a massive body of water, the fact we had follows and critical interest from fish within the first hour of being on the water impressed the hell out of me. Matt knew where they'd be, what they'd be interested in, and opened my eyes to new habitats and surroundings I'd never pictured muskie in. 

Check out Matt's website here: On the Spot Guide Service 

Muskie Dave 
Dave Dana of Warm Water Rambler on Curlew Lake in Washington State

Dave is one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated anglers I've had the pleasure of meeting. 


I first met Dave through Sam Thompson. Sam suggested I come to Washington state to target tiger muskies who'd been introduced to lakes to end life as invasive fish species knew it. 


All Sam told me about Dave was, " he knows his sh*t, and he's quite the character." If I knew what was in store for me, I would've planned to stay MUCH longer. 


Fishing was Dave was in one word, enlightening. I haven't begun to scratch the surface of his knowledge during my last two visits to Washington. 

To contact Dave about the awesome Muskie, Bass, Trout and Carp fisheries he guides, visit his website 

Sam Bibo 

Composer Sam Bibo on Stage with Dead Heroine

I had been having the hardest time finding decent music for Blind Casts episodes, I finally caved and asked for help. 

Long story short, this girl got way lucky and found the ridiculously talented, Sam Bibo. 

Sam is an actual rockstar, who plays as a live muscian in Los Angeles, California. He also just happens to be a gifted composer.


You will be hearing a lot more from Sam in upcoming episodes,  to check out more of his work, or to contact him for your own music needs, give this link a click:

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